March 15 – S is for (not snow) snorkeling

Monday is St. Patrick’s Day and the forecast in VA is for snow. I decided to focus on a different S word in my slice today – snorkeling, my new favorite recreational activity.

“Follow me down this path,” Raul, our guide said to all 20 of us, 10 couples from the cruise ship, some here as newlyweds, some retirees and then Brian and I, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I was glad I had on my water shoes as we walked down the pebbly path, a lagoon on our right and palm trees all around. The sky was just one shade of blue as I looked out at the many shades of blue in the water beside us.

After a 10 minute walk, Raul stopped. “We’ll get in here. Remember to only step on the sand and not the coral. The water is drifting back to the boat. Maria will be at the front and I’ll be in the back. Leave about 10 meters between you and the person in front of you.”

With the sun shining brightly, the water felt refreshing as I entered the crystal blue water. I carefully stepped on the sand, avoiding the green blobs that I guessed were coral. Off Maria, the one guide went, then the next perosn and the next. I adjusted my mask and snorkel as Brian took off. Then as he glided off, I waited and then it was my turn.

As soon as my mask hit the water, a whole new underwater world was revealed. Brown, yellow and purple coral covered the floor of this lagoon which was only 3 meters in depth. Darting quickly in and out of the coral were fish of every color. A school of yellow and black striped fish darted right before my mask. As I floated, the coral continued and between the jagged rock holes were more and more and more fish. So much color, so much movement, so much to see under the water!

Now back in VA, I think back to that day of floating along during that excusion. When I took time to stop, look and just enjoy the ride, I saw SO much of this beautiful world. I wonder if I am stopping and looking at my students enough? Am I enjoying this ride of being their teacher? When I do, I see so much more! So much under the surface is happening. So much to enjoy!


3 thoughts on “March 15 – S is for (not snow) snorkeling

  1. Chris Margocs says:

    I like how you looped that experience back to the classroom. We can glide throught the surface of our day, or look more closely and find wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing the pics, too!


  2. readingtothecore says:

    You're analogy of what's revealed to us when we look beneath the surface of the water to stopping and closely observing our students is so smart! And your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


  3. lromainebrown says:

    I enjoyed your phrase ” a whole new underwater world was revealed.”
    I felt my reality shift.
    The transition to seeing in wonderment while looking at students with the same fascination of life in a coral reef is very thoughtful. I think you have moments like that and the coral underwater scene reminded you. T.S. Eliot made so many references to under water, undersea…”unitl human voices wake us and we drown,” alluding to their being a more real perception than the ordinary.


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