March 10 – Classroom Teamwork

27 Students –  27 Realistic Fiction Stories, 27 Social Studies Guess Who Posters, 27 Biography Posters, 27 Nonficition eBooks
During January and February, 2014, we’ve had MANY snow days, as well as, student absences due to sickness. That, compounded with the fact that all students work at different paces and abilities, trying to guide a group of 27 can be challenging.

Our invitations were already sent out. Parents were coming in to see our work on the morning of Friday, March 7th. So when we FINALLY got to school Wednesday (another snowstorm caused us to miss school on Monday and Tuesday and a 2-hour delay today) MUCH needed to be completed!!

We spent Wednesday afternoon making it happen. Pages were printed. Final scenes were typed. Work was hung. One student helped another who had been absent. I helped scribe for the student having trouble getting all the ideas on the page. Thursday afternoon, we worked nonstop again. We were on a deadline.

It was my goal that ALL 27 students would have 4 products to share on Friday morning. And at 3pm on Thursday, because of class teamwork, we were ready for our visitors!!

(check back here tomorrow to read about our Friday Breakfast Browsing event!)


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