March 5 – a Spring Story!

It is March 5th and I just had 2 days off from school due to a snow storm in VA.
I am VERY ready for Spring so I recalled this moment as my Slice of Life to share today!

I push open the screened door and run all the way to far corner of my backyard. First, I hop on the swing and start to pump. I push my legs forward and then bend them back – legs straight, legs bent, legs straight, legs bent.

Soon I am swinging high, so high! The wind blows my hair and I feel happy,  so happy that I start to sing the song we learned in music class today. I sing and keep pumping, higher and higher!

Soon I hear, “Sally, dinner.” I pump one more time back. Then, as the swing moves forward, I push my body, let go of the swing and leap. I land with both feet on the ground in a squat position. In I run for dinner.


3 thoughts on “March 5 – a Spring Story!

  1. Marilyn Miner says:

    You took me back to our yard in Arlington and the feeling of swinging and trying to touch the huge tulip poplar trees nearby. I could swing for hours! That is one of the losses of adulthood – it makes me sick now! I love your details, Sally!!


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